digilogico is the solution to reproduce wood and stone like never before while meeting the most severe norms regarding abrasion and scratch resistance, delivering true emboss-in-register at competitive cost.
digilogico combines multiple ZEETREE technologies developed for the demanding flooring, furniture & panel markets application.

digilogico for vinyl flooring


The combination of digital printing, optically clear wear coating with natural digital texturing in register with the image creates the look and feel of a real wood product with a wear performance that can meet/or exceed a 20 mil wear film. 

unique natural feeling

non curling 

non curling

ISO 23999-2008

Resilient floor covering measuring method of dimensional stability and curling after heating

superior abrasion resistance

up to AC6


matt UWC

for realistic texture

no glossy spots

exceptional clarity

the UWC is designed to minimize haziness

low odor


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