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the best digital printing and texturing 

Since 2016, we are pioneering the design, development and manufacturing of high-performance digital texturing solutions to reproduce wood and stone like never before.

The combination of digital printing with natural digital texturing in register with the image creates the look and feel of a real wood product. Unlike other applications the texture is made into the wear layer with has an unparalleled wear performance.

Our offering comprises:

- digital fluids: inks and texturing fluid

- coatings: adhesion primer, white base coat, Liquid Wear Layer, top coat.

digilogico stone 1.4
digilogico wood 4.2
digilogico stone 1.2
digilogico wood 2.3
digilogico wood 1.2
digilogico wood 3.2


Switching from a well established process which leads to a successful product like traditional SPC/LVT isn't obvious. 

Even if the processes looks relatively similar with respect to the layers, there is a huge difference between them.


One of the main issue is replacing the PVC wear layer with UV coating and achieving same properties. 

Contrary to the PVC WL, the  UV coatings are shrinking after curing causing core bending/curling. In addition, to achieve the desired abrasion resistance, the UV coating contains anti-abrasive filler (aluminum oxide) which makes the bending/curling even worse.


We specifically developed a Liquid Wear Layer capable of overcoming the above issues, matching and exceeding the performance of the PVC WL. read more

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